Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Today i felt like shaking it up a little and changing the font around...

There is nothing i love more than a notebook filled with my own hand writing, my own thoughts and my own ideas. It's like having a book filled with my own typing, only one better because i don't have to pour years of my life into making it make sense. Journal writing is encouraged by a lot of successful writers, and even some amateur ones for the simple reason that a journal allows you to collect your thoughts. Some day in the future i may look through my old journals and discover that all along i was sitting on my billion dollar book deal- figuratively of course.

This week has been a very writing-oriented one. I spent the middle of last week in Greenmount taking a workshop on creative writing at the Katharine Susannah Prichard centre. The Write-a-Rama series is facilitated by Dr Melissa O'Shea, and gave some worthwhile insight into the world of writing. I also got more out of it than i had anticipated...

I am now the editor of Inkfish which is the anthology that our group is putting together to celebrate the writing that we did over the three day course. This is excellent from my point of view, not just because it gives me something to do other than watch television, but because it gives me some real, serious editting work to do, so that i can try it out as a future career, and i have to say, i don't hate it.

So far this week, i made no ground breaking achievements on editting my first novel or writing my second... but i intended to. Slaps on the wrist for that one.

Until next Tuesday,


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  1. Nice font! Damn, I wish you were doing the Freo Literature centre writing workshops with me and sophia, I think you'd like it!

    *slaps you on the other hand*

    naughty naughty! (in Borat voice)
    good luck with everything!


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