Tuesday, 26 February 2008

No Rest for the Wicked

Competitions, competitions and more competitions. As soon as i finish one, there is another one worth entering. Still, i suppose if i didn't want to do them, then i wouldn't google Australian Writing Competitions all the time...


1) Vignette Press short story contest in the eastern states. I entered a fairly prolific horror piece entitled "Homecoming."

2) All Saints' Lit Fest "Storylines" contest. My entry in this case was a highly emotionally sensitive think piece which i am immensely proud of. I entitled it "Candle wax, Cinderella and Chanel No 5." A friend of mine has told me this is quite possibly the most intriguing title he has ever heard- this is a good start. Personally i just liked the alliteration, and the way it seemed to tie together the plot.


1) Tim Winton Awards. I have been checking the Subiaco Council website almost constantly hoping to download a form, and now that i have, i have absolutely no idea not to write about. Never fear, i will in the long run.


I took in the Perth Arts Festival Writer's Festival a bit this past weekend, on invitation from a friend and inspiration. We went to a forum entitled "The Other Worlds."

Authors on the panel included Kate Forsyth, author of "The Starhorn Tree" (my copy of which seems to have been lost in the move), Bevan McGuiness, fantasy writer, teacher and geophysicist, and Anna Fienburg, creator and writer of "Tashi" (come on, who doesn't love a protagonist shaped like a Troll-doll???)

Although i generally avoid writing fantasy, i have to say i really enjoyed the experience and especially appreciated the insight into the thought processes of a published author.

Must run. The first test of the year happens tomorrow.


Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Hello once again. I hope that cyberspace is treating you well.

After having stern words with myself following last week's dismal effort, things have begun to happen. Writing type things even.

1) I have submitted a piece- my horror piece in fact- to the Vignette Press Short Story Competition. That's in Melbourne.

2) I have begun writing myself motivational letters and proposals reminding me about all the fantastic ideas i am having. It's really only one step up from talking to myself, but i do that anyway.

3) I have aquired myself an entry form for the 2008 All Saints Lit Fest "Storylines". I would tell you what i am writing about...but i dont want to.

4) I have been invited to go to a writing festival thing on Saturday with one of my many local inspirations... although the theme of the event is sci-fi/fantasy, i am very excited none the less. Any writing is good in my books.

OH YEAH!!! And on a completely different chain of thought.... I AM GOING TO JAPAN!!!

Must study now...TEE+ ME = OMG

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Here's to the classics!

Doesn't Valentine's week just instill you with such feelings of joy?

No, me neither. The only rose I've sent this year is to my best friend Megan, because i thought she might like a pick-me-up.

In fact, the only thing i take away from Valentine's week is a desire to write something in which true love does not prevail, and somebody dies. Actually, very much like the book i finished reading last night- Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence. True love most certainly does not conquer all... now that is my kind of classic.

But enough cynicism.

In terms of achieving my goal... that is to be published pre my 20th birthday... this week i have been rather... shall we say lax? No, preoccupied. It's only the second week of school, and already I am a very busy little girl. But I'm not making excuses, honest. I intend to work on one of my pieces, or even start a new one before the week is out.

Writing, i believe, is not just an exercise that involves my head. It engages the whole of me. This makes it virtually impossible to write when I am tired...as i have been lately.

No. Bad. Making excuses again. Must go write now.

Happy Valentines.


Oh yeah and Dear Tom, if you are reading this like you said that you might... Your bouffant is rather spectacular. Peace out.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

In other news today...

I almost didn't get on tonight to blog because of other commitments...shock horror. Because i'm such a control freak, however, here i am, broadcasting live from the middle of a heat wave.

Welcome to February.

February is the month of Valentine's Day, family birthdays and getting down to business. Yesterday, for example, I started year 12. The teachers have already begun to pile it on... assignments, tests, gruelling physical challenges. The cherry on the cake was the Curriculum Council's course outlines...there was one for each subject...which meant i listened to the same speech six times in the last two days. The school has also decided to convert Phys Ed from sport to a housekeeping and mental well being support group. I'm not entirely sure how i feel about this.

So that is the work load that my writing is competing with.

Luckily, writing is winning. Last night, i sat down at about eight o'clock, and i said to myself "i want to write a horror story." Two hours later i emerged from a writing induced coma only to discover that i had created something that wasn't entirely terrible. i think that perhaps with a little tweaking it could be magazine submission material.

Homework beckons...