Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Hello once again. I hope that cyberspace is treating you well.

After having stern words with myself following last week's dismal effort, things have begun to happen. Writing type things even.

1) I have submitted a piece- my horror piece in fact- to the Vignette Press Short Story Competition. That's in Melbourne.

2) I have begun writing myself motivational letters and proposals reminding me about all the fantastic ideas i am having. It's really only one step up from talking to myself, but i do that anyway.

3) I have aquired myself an entry form for the 2008 All Saints Lit Fest "Storylines". I would tell you what i am writing about...but i dont want to.

4) I have been invited to go to a writing festival thing on Saturday with one of my many local inspirations... although the theme of the event is sci-fi/fantasy, i am very excited none the less. Any writing is good in my books.

OH YEAH!!! And on a completely different chain of thought.... I AM GOING TO JAPAN!!!

Must study now...TEE+ ME = OMG

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