Tuesday, 25 March 2008

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

I love easter. I love chocolate, and I love five day weekends, or six if you count the day I took off after the ball. I love staying in bed until after 10 am, and I love watching trashy movies to my heart's content. Some titles i have perused this weekend include Pretty in Pink, Titanic, Just My Luck, The Jungle Book, Ghostbusters and Bend it Like Beckham. My life this weekend has resembled something like paradise. That is until reality rudely intrudes to tell me about all the things I should be getting on with. Assignments for example. If i ever procrastinate as much as I have this term ever again, I may end up teaching PE. There's nothing wrong with that by the way if you are a PE teacher...I just don't like sports.

A lot of my writing lately has revolved around a particularly strange dream I had sometime last week, and just to break tradition, i have yet to type any of it. I am merely building a very rough, very...well bad... framework in the depths of my latest journal (Number 6 i believe) and I intend to make it much better when I finally decide to immortalise it on my hard drive.

The weirdest part is, it's a crime and adventure story. I never write crime. I barely read crime. I dabble, what with Stephanie Plum and Women's Murder Club, but very rarely. So what on Earth is compelling me to write a crime novel???? I'm not stupid enough to say no thankyou when a good idea comes my way, but I'm probably the biggest skeptic here. I don't want my first novel to be a one of a kind crime novel that I can never follow up in kind. I need my first novel to be representative of the alter ego within me. So "Thriller" as it has been dubbed, may be the hidden manuscript that is discovered in my estate centuries later.


Tuesday, 18 March 2008

A Resident of 2 Worlds

Week seven already... if anyone works out a way to freeze time momentarily, i would like to be among the first to know. I could really do with a good sleep, without having to worry about what isn't getting done. Still i suppose if i can survive this year, i will be ready for the big, wide world that's waiting out there. The faster time gets there, the better. In theory, anyway.

I'm still waiting for my copy of the Inkfish anthology, and i have yet to hear back from any of the competitions i have entered, including the Tim Winton Award, which i sent my entry to yesterday. It was a slightly bizarre fantasy about the way i feel about my upcoming TEE, entitled "The Quintessential Quitter's Paradise."

It seems to me that i actually live in two worlds. One is a world where everyone around me is intensely colourful and all lives are interconnected. Where problems fly thick and fast, often with little opportunity for heroics or grace under pressure at the least. But this is the world from which i draw my inspiration.

My other world is less cohesive. It consists of platforms that don't exist, romances that seem to burn for centuries and arguments which possess a degree of poetic irony. This is the world which populates my head, and this is the world from which i draw my motivation.

Until next week,

PS wish me luck...it's the school ball tomorrow

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Put a little feeling in it...

What exactly i'm referring to when i say that is entirely up to what is required of me; in most cases writing, sometimes dancing if i'm feeling particularly out of character and more often than not lately, song writing.

As the exams draw ever closer, time seems to be flying by. I still haven't heard from any of the competitions i have entered, but thankfully, i still have some time left before i would expect to do that anyway.

In terms of writing this week, i started and discarded several ideas for my Tim Winton award winning piece. items were discarded on the basis that they were not special enough- i want to capture a piece of Perth in my work and highlight it for all its glory. (I really do love WA) I hope to have finished a rough first draft by the end of this week never the less.

in other news, i failed my driving test for the second time today, and have decided to get myself a bus pass and a bicycle. it seems co ordination is necessary in this field.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Highly effective eccentricities

Not much happening in terms of progress this week. I was intending to enter the Hadow-Stuart contest which is running from the FAWWA (Fellowship of Australian Writer's WA) website but although it opening supposedly on March the first, the entry form is still for the 2007 contest. Then again, same deal with the Tim Winton award, and that finally opened. I finally have a great idea for that by the way. I am hoping my pride in it will surpass that which i feel about "Candle Wax, Cinderella and Chanel No 5". Perhaps not though.

Instead I have been practicing habits of highly effective eccentric writers - collecting cool pictures, buying books i don't have time to read, living in general squalor. But its all worth it, and next week i will tell you all about my ideas. I can't now, because im about to rush out and see "The Caucasian Chalk Circle"!!!

Peace out