Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Highly effective eccentricities

Not much happening in terms of progress this week. I was intending to enter the Hadow-Stuart contest which is running from the FAWWA (Fellowship of Australian Writer's WA) website but although it opening supposedly on March the first, the entry form is still for the 2007 contest. Then again, same deal with the Tim Winton award, and that finally opened. I finally have a great idea for that by the way. I am hoping my pride in it will surpass that which i feel about "Candle Wax, Cinderella and Chanel No 5". Perhaps not though.

Instead I have been practicing habits of highly effective eccentric writers - collecting cool pictures, buying books i don't have time to read, living in general squalor. But its all worth it, and next week i will tell you all about my ideas. I can't now, because im about to rush out and see "The Caucasian Chalk Circle"!!!

Peace out

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