Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Put a little feeling in it...

What exactly i'm referring to when i say that is entirely up to what is required of me; in most cases writing, sometimes dancing if i'm feeling particularly out of character and more often than not lately, song writing.

As the exams draw ever closer, time seems to be flying by. I still haven't heard from any of the competitions i have entered, but thankfully, i still have some time left before i would expect to do that anyway.

In terms of writing this week, i started and discarded several ideas for my Tim Winton award winning piece. items were discarded on the basis that they were not special enough- i want to capture a piece of Perth in my work and highlight it for all its glory. (I really do love WA) I hope to have finished a rough first draft by the end of this week never the less.

in other news, i failed my driving test for the second time today, and have decided to get myself a bus pass and a bicycle. it seems co ordination is necessary in this field.

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