Tuesday, 15 April 2008

In Japan

Hello World, particularly my Australian friends!!! I've been gone three days and I'm homesick already. I miss English speaking television, my Smart-Rider card and fried chicken!!!

That's not to say that i hate Japan. I have been looking forward to coming here for as long as i have known, and i'm not sad that i am here. Already i have been burning a considerable hole in my spending money, buying such things as t-shirts with kewpie dolls on them and a CD that i have wanted for a long time which has not been available in AUS.

So far the cuisine side of things has been a bit iffy. I'm not the most adventurous of eaters at the best of times, and unfortuantely i have spent quite a fair bit of my total eating time trying things and then promptly washing my tongue. For example, last night i tried stingray. GROSS. My brother liked it though. What a weirdo!

Speaking of weird, right now i am watching the Japanese equivalent of Hi-5.

So obviously no writing has been going on.

Hope all is well.


  1. Stingray? Sounds delicious. Japanese Hi-5? Sounds weird.

  2. Yo

    I'm for some reason reading your post backwards and forwards and being endlessly amused - teachers will probably tell me I don't have enough homework >.<

    Stingray...as a food? That never even occurred to me before ... I think you're a pretty adventurous eater if you can even consider trying stingray...XD

    Hope you have/had a good time in Japan...I can't remember when you get back >.<


  3. haha yeah since posting that i've also eaten octopus... mmmm squishie and tentacle-y.


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