Tuesday, 8 April 2008

It's Tuesday Again Already?

This time next week, i will be blogging from Japan. Tokyo to be specific. Seeing as i have studied the language and culture for nearly nine years, i believe i always knew the time would come when i would get to go there. Perhaps not this soon, but in any case it is exciting.

Experience is the backbone of writing. Therefore any experience is a good one.

But what a week it has been, this last one! Aside from time spent frantically packing and homework-ing, i have also been writing as though my life depended on it. In the space of seven days i managed to complete nearly 10 000 words, which is a mean feat for someone doing year 12, i.e. me. This week looks to be particularly difficult to keep up the momentum, what with it being the end of term one and all, but i am not going to let that stop me.

This new piece is a novel, somewhat autobiographical, somewhat contrived, but i am really using it as an outlet to channel some of those feelings which have dogged me about teenager-ness for some time.

Seeing as i will be blogging from Japan next week (hopefully), i will say "Mata Raishyu", which means "Until next week" or something there about.

Good Luck with whatever it is you're doing.


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  1. Hey, have fun in Japan. Great to hear about the writing output. Wish I could say the same about me, but this darn proposal is taking too much time. I wish I could write it overnight, but the more I start writin it the more reading I have to do.


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