Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Juicy Writing

This week, being the first week back at school, i thought that i would educate myself. So i got myself a copy of Brigid Lowry's Juicy Writing and i settled down to read it. All in all, this took me three days, and i have emerged from hibernation feeling clearer about several things.

A) University.

For a while now, i've been having a difficult time deciding what university to pick for my first preference. The time to fill out applications is nigh and this decision could not have come at a better time.

The choice was between the prestige of UWA or the incoventionality of Curtin. On the one hand, i am much more familiar with the grounds at UWA. They have a Tae Kwon Do Club, and massive libraries, and the building is extremely beautiful. On the other hand, Curtin offers a specifically Creative Writing oriented course, is where several of my friends will be going, and has a drama club.

When i got the chance to read the work of someone who used to teach at Curtin, i.e. Ms Lowry, my mind was made up. I'm Curtin bound. I hope.

B) Editing.

The way I edit is, to be frank, confusing and inefficient. It's also a good way to make me give up on a project. Now i am adapting a colour coding method, which so far has been helping.

And some exciting news to finish: On the 8th of May, i will be getting to meet Tim Winton. Yay.

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