Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Upon my Return

Home again. Everything is back to normalcy...i've never realised before but my room has a smell to it. And not a disgusting one, just one which is there. I guess it smells like me. Strange that the smell of me should become more apparent after an absence.... hmmm.

So now i have a lot to write about. About eating octopus and jellyfish and raw tuna. About airplane trips that never end. About walking and walking and walking and walking......

But mostly what's been on my mind for the last few days is The Outsiders by S E Hinton. I started and finished it within the last week, and something in it has just called to the writer in me. I was thinking about why that was, and in the annoying way i do, i started to delve beyond the answer "Because i liked it."

Why did i like it? Because the language of the main character is so poetic in all its colloquialisms? Because the plot is straightforward and to the point whilst still connecting the reader to the emotions of the protagonist? Because Jodi Picoult said i would in the preface????

I can't really be sure. But i'm sure that all of those were contributing factors. I also really enjoyed the way that she didn't try to wind too many subplots together in a tangled mess. Short, sweet and to the point.

So i highly recommend you read it...or re read it.

Another point to raise. Writing music. I always write to music, so quite often there will be a moment of really intense emotion in my work from where i have become really into what i am listening to. Often this means i have to make adjustments in editing to level out my work. Right now i am listening to Search/Rescue's "right through me" off the album "The Compound." This album was not available in Australia as far as i could discern but i found it in Japan, which was where it was recorded.

But it's fantastic writing music because its so...melodic and prosaic. Another recommendation.

check them out at

you wont regret it. it's beautiful.


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