Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Competitions vs. Exams

I wonder if all the competitions start to open up this time of year on purpose because many of the older competitors will be too busy to enter? This somehow seems likely.

I however am not deterred by these sneaky tactics, and am planning on entering 2 new competitions: The West Australian Newspaper's Young Writer's Contest, and the Scribblers contest (in which i can enter not one, but five! stories)

I have discovered now that being absolutely positively miserable or lost in my own head is to my own benefit, being that i can twist and manipulate details of my own life to write really great literature. well okay, not literature but getting there. At the moment, my stuff could be described as striving to forge a midpoint between Tim Winton and Melina Marchetta. It is definitely Australian however.

Writing is joy. I want to leave school forever and live like a bohemian in the cobbled streets of...some place with cobbled streets... where i can stare out my window and churn out page after page after page.....

Exams in less than 2 weeks prevent this.

Wish me luck!


  1. i know its very very true
    also like how they decide to much umat and westpac maths competition 1 day apart
    and i think chemistry quiz is during that time too!
    how fun:)
    ahahahaha keep rambling!

  2. Good luck, Em. Don't let the tricksy buggers put you off.


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