Tuesday, 6 May 2008

My Life in the Cultural Wasteland?

Murphy's Law, after that last post, i discovered equally fantastic uni courses at two other universities, and now the jury is hung. Shucks.

Hello to cyberspace, and hello especially to any family members reading this post. I know that i am developing something of a cyber-entourage. That's pretty cool, so thanks, you guys.

So what to write about this week? I haven't spent this week composing insightful reviews of well loved classics, because, well, i haven't been reading any. Equally disappointing is my lack of writing discoveries this past week. It's all about the future, in the very near portion of which i will be meeting someone very inspirational... wanna guess who?

No new writing music... slow progress on my novel, although i am enjoying reading my own work which must be a good sign... no word on any competitions... no camps or courses... how dull...

So as i said, it's all about the future. I'm excited about my busy schedule, and about the culture i am going to be exposed to.

I'm really surprised that lots of people think that Australia and Western Australia are so lacking in culture... (sorry about my overuse of the ellipsis) It's just that i love Perth so much, it's clean and pretty and surprising. I guess because i'm a drama student i get to see a whole lot more of the culture side of things but, it's just a really great place to be. We have plays and concerts, and local bands up the wazoo, and then on top of that, we have whole districts like Fremantle full of artists and writer's and generally culturally in tune people. I'm friends with a lot of budding artists, and sometimes i don't get the whole bohemian thing, but still...culture. I love it. I love the atmosphere. It's like a permanent courting of the muse.

And on that pensieve note, i will leave to do something inspiring... or homework... whichever.

Bye everyone.

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