Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Attack of the Rampaging Cliche

Greetings, Cyberspace...

It's officially winter now, which is a great month to cuddle up in front of a heater with a superb book and a cup of hot chocolate. Pity I'm unable to do that because of exams. Oh well, i'm almost halfway through my written exams.

That's not to say i haven't been reading at all. I've been reading quite a lot to tell the truth but its been in private. And one thing i read lately was so laden down with cliches that i decided i just had to have a rant about it.

Cliches make a book boring. Don't use them. They ruin the most tantalizing of plot lines. I'm not talking about run of the mill situation cliches either. im talking about situations where the main characters are talking to each other in an everyday conversation and they're saying movie impact lines....it just does not happen. And when a character is talking to his girlfriend, he does not say sappy love lines.

The whole way through the book this was happening. It was so obvious that the book was written by a woman. Half the so called romantic cliches included were women's fantasies, and definitely not plausible.

It makes me angry.

The moral of the story, fellows, is that write like you, not like everything you've ever heard before.

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