Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The End of Jane Austen Season

I haven't done any writing in a while, not even a reply to my pen pal from Toodyay, and while that is upsetting, it is also understandable considering how much rehearsal I am doing for the school production which opens in 9 days. I still don't have my lines completely memorized... whoops.

In other news, the Jane Austen season finished on Sunday night, with Mansfield Park. I would have liked for them to also play Sense and Sensibility (although we have it on video) and Pride and Prejudice, but i suppose they did only promise a month.

After last week's blog I looked up the winners of the All Saint's Lit Festival... not really surprised that my name wasn't there, but I was still insanely disappointed. I was really quite proud of my entry and it's a shame. Still, congratulations to any of those people. I'm now placing all my wishing, hoping, dreaming on the Vignette Press, Tim Winton and West Australian
Competitions. (As well as intending to work on my Scribbler's entries. I say intend.)

I'm also still considering my 1938 novel... we went to the Army Museum with my history class last Thursday, and I think I will be either sending my protagonist to Darwin or Singapore. Maybe Crete. Definitely not to Europe.

Sorry about the weak post.

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