Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The Formula

Let's get one thing straight right now. Life is NOT a romance novel. Of all the genres, in fact, i could safely say that the romance genre is possibly the most over written and far fetched. Sure, i enjoy a good Jane Austen, but can i point one thing out here? Most romance writers are middle aged and unmarried. It is a genre built on fantasies.

I have been set a challenge of late, by my writing compadre in Toodyay. He is something of a cynic when it comes to the genre, and has asked me to write something which would impress even him. Hence this sudden bitterness towards a genre. How do i write a believable romance story in five days???

Step One- get inside the mind of my target audience: in this case a slightly secretive but highly intelligent teenage boy. Easy.

Step Two- create a character he can relate to. Also easy.

Step Three- create a female lead who would capture his interest. Ah. Problem. My cynical compadre has little interest in girls. Right, well i'll just have to make one up...and this is where it all falls apart.

Situations such as these make you look at life as though hanging upside down and peering down a hallway. Suddenly things make a little more sense. You stop and say to yourself "So that is human nature, i see now."

Depressing, really.

And so i go to write another story of teen angst and sacrifice, possibly ending in an over zealous kiss. But hopefully not.

Stay Alert. If anyone finds any outrageous cliches, i want to hear them.


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