Saturday, 5 July 2008

Ad Astra Per Aspera

"A Rough Road Leads To The Stars"

Have I mentioned I love latin? Everything that gets said in this language sounds uplifting and wise. This week's phrase is actually the title of the interlude on the "Phantoms" album by Acceptance. Until Saturday, I hadn't ever bothered to translate it, but now I am glad that I did.

I have lately been reading the classics, and so today I visited some local op shops and second hand bookshops with one of my close friends in Fremantle (in my opinion the cultural heart of Sleepy Perth) and I have acquired copies of Lord of the Flies, Dracula and Vanity Fair for less than $20. I was pretty impressed with that effort, but now I come home to look at my ever growing "To read..." pile, and I feel as though there will never be enough time in the world for me to finish them all. So I start the sport of extreme- reading tonight. I will read in the shower, while I sleep, eat, watch television and all manner of bizarre places, until i have become the most well-read, super human, bizarre author of teen fiction that Sleepy Perth has ever known. But I digress.

We closed up work on Away for the last time on Saturday night, and I am not only glad that all is finished, I am actually proud of what we achieved. Not bad for a drama perfectionist such as myself. I have also come to the conclusion that I do not want to pursue acting any further, and if I am ever involved in the theatre again, it will be as writer, or failing that Director, or possibly even work with stage makeup, as i have discovered i quite like to draw on my friends faces. Thank you to everyone who came to watch, it was much appreciated.

And so i exit, stage left, to read something grand.

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