Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Elimy in Blunderland

Blunderland: A metaphysical state within my own head, in which I am permitted to trip my way merrily down the path of life until I get to where I need to be.

Blunderland is a wonderful place. It is the part of myself I have created to get me through "The Dark Times." Whenever something begins to really stress me out... say I get very stressed over a project... I strip the situation back to its most simplified form, until the story becomes just a chance for me to say what I think, and I find myself in Blunderland.

Contrary to how it sounds, Blunderland is wonderful. Expectations are low, and disappointment is minimal. The entire population are very accepting of the human tendency to make mistakes. Best of all, by spending my days in Blunderland, I am able to find something I love about everything I do.

My happy place is not one of coconut palms and a sunny beach. It isn't even the gothic, turn of the twentieth century library many of those close to me have often heard me describe. It's a little filtering station inside my brain that looks at the real world for all its imperfections and says "You're okay as you are"

Sometimes, things are as bad as they seem, and its wonderful. You know yourself all the better for it.

Spread the Strength,


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