Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Ah, the good old days of Analog

Technology is making us lazy. Think about it. I have a blog, so sometimes I don't feel like I need to write in my journal. I type most of my stories on Ralph here (yes I named my laptop after a Simpsons character) so I sometimes don't finish them. I guess, if you take the hard work out of the equation, the end product loses its value.

I was looking through a bunch of photographs that came from my year eight birthday party, and I was reminiscing on the old friendships that used to be so comforting, and how much blonder I used to be, and how carefree and happy we all seemed. But then I stopped thinking about the content of the pictures, and started thinking about the photos themselves. I miss having to take all my photos on disposable cameras. Now that I have my digital camera, I can just hit delete when a photo opportunity goes awry. But I also miss the moments of complete spazziness. I don't get to keep the cringe worthy moments. I don't get to catalogue the bad hair days, and I don't get to catch pictures of certain people hiding from having their photo taken, and I just miss that.

Some people might argue that having all your photos digital is a good thing, because you can just scan all your photos onto the computer, and then you can upload them to Myspace or facebook or whatever you want... and your entire memory based life is stored on your hard-drive.

I want to start taking non-digital photographs again. I want to be able to stick those moments into my journal (which I vow to write in religiously from now on) for inspiration. I want the bad hair styles and the wardrobe faux pas and I want to be able to sit down with someone and spread the albums out and just read the memories, and laugh until I am sick.

Yeah, I'm sentimental as far as writers go. I think that's pretty important.

So please, disposable cameras my way thanks.


  1. nostalgic freak.

    i agree though. i like your writing btw its really good.


  2. Zomg. Digital cameras ftw. Reducing the pollution. yay. Less rubbish. But yeah, I know what you're talking about. I miss the good ol' days.

  3. love it!
    Have a nice weekend.


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