Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Initiate Countdown

That's right, I am officially less than a week away from my mock TEE exams. Needless to say, any writing I have been doing has been on the back of napkins and receipts, because really, who has time to sit down and actually write???

I thought today I would talk about the random places I go for inspiration, so I thought, seeing as I'm strapped for time and material, I would make a list of some of my favourite things.

Here goes:

1) The Tudor Court novels by Phillipa Gregory

2) Folk music, such as Clare Bowditch or Bob Evans

3) Old movies like Casablanca, Little Shop of Horrors

4) Gilmore Girls

5) Walking along the river

6) The "Zits" comic strip, and also "Calvin and Hobbes"

7) Old photos (for example, today I found the album from our trip to the Gold Coast)

8) Greek islands, like the one in Mama Mia and the one in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants

9) Disney movies (guilty pleasure)

10) The Rat Pack- Sinatra, Martin, Davis

Now I think I should study.

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