Tuesday, 28 October 2008

On the Subject of Poetry...

In celebration of the launch of the 2008 Primo Lux, i have decided to share a poem i wrote at 1. 11 am on Monday morning... I am also too lazy and pre occupied to write a blog.

The woman's love was far too pure
She wanted marriage, he was sure
He couldn't stay to hold her tight,
make literal "to spend the night"
But as he tiptoed through the door
He saw the nightdress on the floor
He thought about the 'fun' he'd had
Fun which would stop if he were 'Dad'
No more chasing single girls
Their pretty dresses, tightened curls
The way they laughed and told him "No"
The many times he watched them go
How hard he worked to hear them sigh
"I think that you're my kind of guy"
And here she was, laid out for him
A girl he'd picked up on a whim
Kind of bookish, not his type
Hair too short and jeans too tight
But receptive to his quirky charms
And when he held her in his arms
An instinct that he'd tried to fight-
His new girlfriend felt just right
So maybe he could try to change
Rescind a bit his wayward ways
He'd keep her, then he'd need no more
Coz she'll be what he's looking for

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Ch ch ch changes...

I have to say, you're never too old or too young to enjoy a little bit of David Bowie. The man is a genius. When he said "time may change me, but i can't change time", he wasn't wrong either.

At the moment, I am at the rather pointy end of a bumpy, loopy rollercoaster ride that some may prefer to call High School. It's a good time for looking back at myself a year ago and thinking... well i didn't realise that i would be where i am right now.

Like all human-types, i'm resistant to change. I don't like the idea that my favourite bands will start churning out music with rap influences (i'm looking at you, fall out boy). I don't like that my siblings will soon be taller than me, me taking more after my mother's side of the family in terms of height. Most of all, I don't like that i wasn't more aware of the changes themselves.

That's why i'm glad i chronicle everything. I am thankful now that i have documented my life in little exercise books, so i can look back and think "well, i certainly have grown up a little."

My journals are just a different door to mark my "height" on.

So, change is good. I need to be okay with taking out whole chapters of my novels and things like that. I need to learn from the people around me, like my mentor, who seems to spend more time editing stuff out than moving forwards, but always ends up with something impressive.

Deep breath, and take the plunge.

P.S. I have a poem published in this years Primo Lux and i am heading to a ceremony on Monday night to launch it with my compadres.


Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Way of the Future?

On Friday, I used a link from the Border's Bookstore website to read the first Chapter of the new Colleen McCullough book, The Independance of Miss Mary Bennet, which interestingly enough takes place about 17 years after the final pages of Pride and Prejudice. Having only just read that particular classic for the first time in entirety recently, a fact that I lament to share, the various aspects of it were fresh in my mind.

I've never read any of Ms McCullough's work before, but it's very... well its descriptive to the point of being adjective-heavy, which to me strikes as the mark of someone who wants to fill pages to say something that really would not take anywhere near as many pages. But this was only the initial impression of the book. I find that with me, I tend to look at the writing, rather than the story until such time as the plot can really gage my attention. Which, eventually, this book did.

I liked her use of perspectives, and the way that she shifted from the true love conquers all attitude of the original story. I especially liked the way in which, cynically, it appeared that all characters got what was coming to them, and it seems that Ms McCullough is of the opinion that people can never change.

I'm a little hesitant to accept reading books on the internet. It really does take away from the satisfaction of being able to hold this little....creation... in your hands, and smell the ink and pages and binding glue, and write little notes about what you were thinking, and put it in your bag to read on the train, and hide inside a textbook in class.... not that I have ever done that.

But is e-books the way of the future? I hope not.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The Second (Midnight) Blog

It's late...
I'm tired....
But I'm here, as promised. By the time I post this, it will be Wednesday. I would have been in bed had I not forgotten to do this, woken suddenly and raced online.

Okay, so that's a lie, I was already online, but I did forget.

Today I made a collage, by way of wrapping a birthday present. Collages are fun, and I especially enjoyed collecting the crazy photos to go on it. So much so that I wanted to steal some of the better ones for my journal, to inspire me later, but I refrained.

When you compare doing a collage, and staining your fingers in ink, which is something very child-like and simplistic with the idea of me, rushing online to post this blog so that I would not feel like I'd let my fans (Ha, like I have fans) down, you start to realise that every human activity comes with a sell by date. It's impossible to consider what my life would be like without these deadlines, because its an ingrained routine.

In the end, I think its about standards, and what matters to you. People who mind getting in trouble, don't miss deadlines... unless they forget. Don't punish me!

What happens when I google myself...

I love google, and I have a funny feeling that this one will be an affair to last a life time. It's the perfect man. I need something, and all I have to do is ask. I don't even need to be making coherent sentences. He always has a back up plan.

When I'm bored, he lets me look up pictures of Hayley Williams (left) so that I can copy her hairstyles. Unlike my ex, Wikipedia, he doesn't let other people influence his opinions.

Sometimes I'm a little bad, and I cheat with YouTube. YouTube is entertaining, and we have a lot of fun together, but he doesn't teach me anything. It won't amount to much. But Google... well a girl can hope.

But what does Google think of me, you may ask? Let's find out. Well, this blog is the fifth link down. There are a few other Elimy's dearer to Google's heart it may seem. If I deign to spell my name right, he thinks about Emily the Strange, and Wuthering Heights. (I like both of these things.)

I'm heart broken. Sigh.

But as a special treat, I will blog again later tonight, because of how lazy I was last week.