Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Ch ch ch changes...

I have to say, you're never too old or too young to enjoy a little bit of David Bowie. The man is a genius. When he said "time may change me, but i can't change time", he wasn't wrong either.

At the moment, I am at the rather pointy end of a bumpy, loopy rollercoaster ride that some may prefer to call High School. It's a good time for looking back at myself a year ago and thinking... well i didn't realise that i would be where i am right now.

Like all human-types, i'm resistant to change. I don't like the idea that my favourite bands will start churning out music with rap influences (i'm looking at you, fall out boy). I don't like that my siblings will soon be taller than me, me taking more after my mother's side of the family in terms of height. Most of all, I don't like that i wasn't more aware of the changes themselves.

That's why i'm glad i chronicle everything. I am thankful now that i have documented my life in little exercise books, so i can look back and think "well, i certainly have grown up a little."

My journals are just a different door to mark my "height" on.

So, change is good. I need to be okay with taking out whole chapters of my novels and things like that. I need to learn from the people around me, like my mentor, who seems to spend more time editing stuff out than moving forwards, but always ends up with something impressive.

Deep breath, and take the plunge.

P.S. I have a poem published in this years Primo Lux and i am heading to a ceremony on Monday night to launch it with my compadres.


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