Tuesday, 28 October 2008

On the Subject of Poetry...

In celebration of the launch of the 2008 Primo Lux, i have decided to share a poem i wrote at 1. 11 am on Monday morning... I am also too lazy and pre occupied to write a blog.

The woman's love was far too pure
She wanted marriage, he was sure
He couldn't stay to hold her tight,
make literal "to spend the night"
But as he tiptoed through the door
He saw the nightdress on the floor
He thought about the 'fun' he'd had
Fun which would stop if he were 'Dad'
No more chasing single girls
Their pretty dresses, tightened curls
The way they laughed and told him "No"
The many times he watched them go
How hard he worked to hear them sigh
"I think that you're my kind of guy"
And here she was, laid out for him
A girl he'd picked up on a whim
Kind of bookish, not his type
Hair too short and jeans too tight
But receptive to his quirky charms
And when he held her in his arms
An instinct that he'd tried to fight-
His new girlfriend felt just right
So maybe he could try to change
Rescind a bit his wayward ways
He'd keep her, then he'd need no more
Coz she'll be what he's looking for

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