Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The Second (Midnight) Blog

It's late...
I'm tired....
But I'm here, as promised. By the time I post this, it will be Wednesday. I would have been in bed had I not forgotten to do this, woken suddenly and raced online.

Okay, so that's a lie, I was already online, but I did forget.

Today I made a collage, by way of wrapping a birthday present. Collages are fun, and I especially enjoyed collecting the crazy photos to go on it. So much so that I wanted to steal some of the better ones for my journal, to inspire me later, but I refrained.

When you compare doing a collage, and staining your fingers in ink, which is something very child-like and simplistic with the idea of me, rushing online to post this blog so that I would not feel like I'd let my fans (Ha, like I have fans) down, you start to realise that every human activity comes with a sell by date. It's impossible to consider what my life would be like without these deadlines, because its an ingrained routine.

In the end, I think its about standards, and what matters to you. People who mind getting in trouble, don't miss deadlines... unless they forget. Don't punish me!

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