Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Way of the Future?

On Friday, I used a link from the Border's Bookstore website to read the first Chapter of the new Colleen McCullough book, The Independance of Miss Mary Bennet, which interestingly enough takes place about 17 years after the final pages of Pride and Prejudice. Having only just read that particular classic for the first time in entirety recently, a fact that I lament to share, the various aspects of it were fresh in my mind.

I've never read any of Ms McCullough's work before, but it's very... well its descriptive to the point of being adjective-heavy, which to me strikes as the mark of someone who wants to fill pages to say something that really would not take anywhere near as many pages. But this was only the initial impression of the book. I find that with me, I tend to look at the writing, rather than the story until such time as the plot can really gage my attention. Which, eventually, this book did.

I liked her use of perspectives, and the way that she shifted from the true love conquers all attitude of the original story. I especially liked the way in which, cynically, it appeared that all characters got what was coming to them, and it seems that Ms McCullough is of the opinion that people can never change.

I'm a little hesitant to accept reading books on the internet. It really does take away from the satisfaction of being able to hold this little....creation... in your hands, and smell the ink and pages and binding glue, and write little notes about what you were thinking, and put it in your bag to read on the train, and hide inside a textbook in class.... not that I have ever done that.

But is e-books the way of the future? I hope not.

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  1. It would be nice if they could make some kind of ebook reader that felt better than a book. But that's gonna take a while, I guess. A few years back, I couldn't bear reading a book online, but when I discovered Project Gutenburg had some books I couldn't get elsewhere, I had to force myself. Now I don't mind at all, so long as I remember to get up and stretch and walk around every half hour (something I don't have to do with books) or else I end up feeling 50 years older. :)


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