Tuesday, 7 October 2008

What happens when I google myself...

I love google, and I have a funny feeling that this one will be an affair to last a life time. It's the perfect man. I need something, and all I have to do is ask. I don't even need to be making coherent sentences. He always has a back up plan.

When I'm bored, he lets me look up pictures of Hayley Williams (left) so that I can copy her hairstyles. Unlike my ex, Wikipedia, he doesn't let other people influence his opinions.

Sometimes I'm a little bad, and I cheat with YouTube. YouTube is entertaining, and we have a lot of fun together, but he doesn't teach me anything. It won't amount to much. But Google... well a girl can hope.

But what does Google think of me, you may ask? Let's find out. Well, this blog is the fifth link down. There are a few other Elimy's dearer to Google's heart it may seem. If I deign to spell my name right, he thinks about Emily the Strange, and Wuthering Heights. (I like both of these things.)

I'm heart broken. Sigh.

But as a special treat, I will blog again later tonight, because of how lazy I was last week.

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