Tuesday, 11 November 2008

"The Past is a Foreign Country"

Six down, two to go...exams that is. It feels extremely good to be this close to the freedom end of the year, and I'm finding a lot more time for writing as a consequence. To celebratethe end of the Lit exam, my friend Elisa joined me for some unneccessary journal splurging- the pair of us indulged something of a passion for empty notebooks to fill with our thoughts. Buying new ones, which I am eager to use, I have begun writing more religiously in the one i am currently up to- the seventh since i started keeping journals in 2005.

Strangely, the more writing i do; essays, journals, letters, the more i want to write my novel, and i have written some quality things in the past week, which i am sure makes up for last week's terrible entry- i truly am sorry for that effort!!

writing has led me to some avenues of questioning which i intend to pursue, for example:

How would an Australian who ended up in a POW camp in singapore during the second world war have known Japanese? That is, if he would have known it at all.

And, on that note, i will leave you to find an answer.

many best wishes and grammatical mistakes...EM

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