I can barely believe it myself!

I have been shortlisted in this year's Katharine Susannah Pritchard Young Writer's Award, and that feels pretty amazing. I don't know if I have won yet or not, of course, because all of that will be announced at the birthday celebrations for Katharine on Sunday December 7. I will not be attending, in case any of you crazed fans were wondering, and I'm terribly sorry to disappoint.

Actually, I lied there. I'm too pleased with myself to be sorry.

You see, when i first started this blog, I set myself a challenge... I was going to be a published Author by my twentieth birthday, and I have already been published in several minor ways since I made that goal (testement to the power of writing my goals down!).

A list of my publications is as follows:

* pieces in Inkfish, the anthologoy from Write-a-rama 2008 (January)
* a poem in Primo Lux
* a short story in the Mandurah Murray writer's group Scribblers book

And, on top of that, I have my third place in Scribblers, my KSP shortlisting, my Highly Commended in Tim Winton... all in all, I feel like it has been a productive year.

Next, I think I might tackle the TAG Hungerford award.


  1. Congratulations!! I knew you'd do it. Bask in the glory!!


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