Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Fear as Inspiration

I'm terrified of snakes. I've never seen one in the wild (only at the zoo) but I am absolutely terrified. If I see them on TV, if i hear a rustling in the scrub as i walk home from the bus, I break out in a cold sweat that stings like needles.

Today, I decided to love my fear of snakes.

On a really great tip from a really great guy, I was instructed to have the natural habitat in my POW camp get a little unfriendly. So.... I killed off one of my characters. Cause of death? Technically he was shot, but snake bite.

Still, I was looking at the statistic from my novel, and technically, I started the idea on Anzac day, began the draft on August 17, and the last time I printed (which means approximately the last time I finished a chapter) was early November. That's pretty awful. It means I have been frustrated with my writing for about a month. OOPS.

It's all good now, I finished Chapter 7 of the first draft which makes me very excited because there are only three to go. If only I could work out how the story will end???

Also, as the TEE results were posted in the last 24 hours, I would like to congratulate all my incredibly smart friends and say WE DID IT, IT'S OVER!!!!

Merry Christmas, all.

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