Writer's Retreat

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, some friends and i will pack up the cars and head south for a little holiday to celebrate the end of our high school days. While i'm not necessarily going for the purpose of writing, I am going to relax, collect my thoughts and let myself slide into the long, 3 months of abyss... i mean break. (I'm the kind of person who thrives off of structure, and loves to be challenged if it means i get a chance to prove things to people... perhaps thats why i cleaned so much so fast at work today.) The best thing about going away is that it is a parent free retreat, which means the eight of us will be given a chance to act as responsible as possible, meaning that surely, hilarity will ensue. I'm looking forward to journaling it all, to file away for later writing (memoirs perhaps, at the end of a long, literary career) and more than anything else, i'm looking forward to cementing for the years to come, the friendships that will matter. Not that there aren't others that don't.

My thoughts here go out to a friend of mine who got stuck in Thailand with the recent protesting, and i hope that her trip doesn't have to get cancelled forever because of it!!!

Love and Happy thoughts... Emily