Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Structure, Thought and Reality

In the beginning, there were Foundation Units. The students went along to these classes once a week and they sat in the very full, very large and very cold lecture theatres; there they were asked to think about thinking. This led to a lot of the students becoming very confused and frustrated. If the reason that man was a thinker and reasoner was to pursue truth for truths' sake and challenge authority, did this mean that the man down the front of the room did not want the students to take any notice of what he was asking of them?

The lectures went on. Like the emergence from the Dark Ages into the Enlightenment, the students expected to become clearer as more information became accessible. Yet, the class finished and once again the students scratched their heads.

Debate began. Among themselves, the students began to discuss what they thought it all meant. There was much contention and argument. The lecturer smiled to himself.

"I Think, Therefore, I Am" Descartes.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I'm Just Like a Kid in A Candy Store!

Well, to be more accurate, in my case it's better if I say I'm like an Elimy in a stationery store. Or is it stationary? I never can remember. Gosh I'm grumpy when it comes to homonyms. But I digress.

Ok, so I'm now at the end of my second day of university and to celebrate I'm watching episode 2 of HBO's True Blood series which is based on Sookie Stackhouse (Southern Vampire) books written by Charmaine Harris. I was put onto a fascination with the series by a relative on my mother's side who lives in Melbourne and now both she and I would really like to get our hands on a copy of the books. The series is quite good really, especially if you're looking for something Dexter meets Twilight. It is MA though and quite sexually explicit and gory at times. I just like vampires.

I definitely like vampires more than I like homework, which I had my first lot of in a long time today. It was mostly Journal exercises for my professional writing class and we all know that I am an expert at writing in journals, so it was fairly easy. I'd really like during this semester to do well so I'm trying my best to work on a few things, number one being time management, number two being revision, editing and drafting and number three being that I need to become more confident in terms of making friends.

So far I think I'm on track for one and three but two isn't yet relevant. My lecturers and tutors are so far a really great bunch of women who are intelligent, funny, caring etc etc. I'm really going to respond to that, I just know it. But anyway the point is Uni is exciting. So far I love it.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The End is Nigh...

Of the holidays, I mean. I'm referring, of course, to the fact that for me, university life starts tomorrow. I have Orientation all the rest of this week, and then after that its back to the business of studying. So I suppose that actual writing will fall to the wayside of studying writing.

I haven't written in my journal for ages because of my novel any how so I'm going to start being a bit more regular as far as that goes. Where ever I go, it will go too. Perhaps I'll have some more short stories to post on here? For instance, last night I really wanted to write a parody of The Wizard of Oz based on admission to University. It wasn't all that great really because I was writing whilst horizontal but I used up a whole lot of pages on writing which was liberating.

Another brightside is that while I am taking a break to study writing, I'll be able to take some distance from my own writing, which will hopefully make it easier to edit. If it seems like someone else's work, I won't have so much trouble criticizing it seeing as that's what I do with everyone else's writing. I even do it with books that have already been published. I'm always looking for sentences that I don't agree with. I'm no expert, so I don't follow up on the mistakes that I find, but it's good practice, right???

So. In summation: Novel shelved temporarily. Uni begins tomorrow. Work on other stuff including blog and journal will be evident from next week.

Wish me luck,

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Feel Good, Write Better

It's hot. Most days I sleep til mid morning and by that point I'm so warm I have to get out of bed whether I'm properly awake or not. Fans and aircons are going full blast. It isn't until late at night that I can even think about sitting down with my laptop Ralph and getting down to business.

But, a little thing I've discovered recently, I also only write when I'm feeling proactive, and I mostly only feel proactive when I'm pumped full of endorphins. So I've started exercising. Again. Over the years I've tried various working out techniques, i.e. running (which I still do when I can be bothered braving the P platers honking at me and my friend), tae kwon do, netball, swimming. Lately, I'm trying cardio. It's a 25 minute exercise program that I found in last months' Cosmopolitan, a magazine to which I am a self confessed addict.

So, last night I started the program for real. It involves skipping, pushups, squats, lunges, sit ups, chin ups etc etc, and it really does get the heart pumping blood around the body. In other words, it tired me out. I slept pretty soundly last night. This morning my leg and butt muscles ached like something crazy, but! and this is the key point of this post, I felt good. I felt good about myself for once, rather than lethargic. And tonight, I will do it again, and then I will write. YAY endorphins.