Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Feel Good, Write Better

It's hot. Most days I sleep til mid morning and by that point I'm so warm I have to get out of bed whether I'm properly awake or not. Fans and aircons are going full blast. It isn't until late at night that I can even think about sitting down with my laptop Ralph and getting down to business.

But, a little thing I've discovered recently, I also only write when I'm feeling proactive, and I mostly only feel proactive when I'm pumped full of endorphins. So I've started exercising. Again. Over the years I've tried various working out techniques, i.e. running (which I still do when I can be bothered braving the P platers honking at me and my friend), tae kwon do, netball, swimming. Lately, I'm trying cardio. It's a 25 minute exercise program that I found in last months' Cosmopolitan, a magazine to which I am a self confessed addict.

So, last night I started the program for real. It involves skipping, pushups, squats, lunges, sit ups, chin ups etc etc, and it really does get the heart pumping blood around the body. In other words, it tired me out. I slept pretty soundly last night. This morning my leg and butt muscles ached like something crazy, but! and this is the key point of this post, I felt good. I felt good about myself for once, rather than lethargic. And tonight, I will do it again, and then I will write. YAY endorphins.

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