Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Is there anybody out there?

Sometimes I wonder if there is anybody reading this.

If there is, I want to hear from you.

But there are lots of things that I want lately, and I don't get those either, so don't worry about it too much. For example, I want more time to write. I know, I know, I should make time, because writing is what I want to do with my life and I will never be any good at it unless I practise all the time. It doesn't work like that though. All the really great advice says I should give myself a specific time schedule and write to that, but that kind of ignores the fact that inspiration is a little bit unpredictable. For example, I get some of my best lines of prose standing under the shower, and I can't very well take my laptop or journal in there now, can I?

What else do I want? I want to pass my first semester at university. I want to join a writer's group or make one of my own with my friends. I want to get published. I want a Nintendo DSi.

I think probably the bottom line in all of this is, there is a pressure I am putting on myself to be a certain type of person, and I am coming to realise that being a writer is just like any other job only there is a much lower success rate for at least a little while.

So, again, if you're reading this I want to hear from you.

Thanks, I know this was an awful post.



  1. What are you trying to say?
    That you're upset because you don't have inspiration to use in order to write with, during the time you do not have?!
    Sounds like the only problem you have, is that you made up a problem because there weren't any lately.

    Want a conflict of conscience?
    Try being 5000km from you mother, friends and lover, alternating days when you eat with days when you sleep and coming in every tute, every second day with a smile on your face and a report/model which you spent 8hrs on the night before , which gets glimpsed at for no more than 120 seconds, and then gets thrown away. It isn't graded, yet failure to make any less than 95% of them in a given year almost guarantees failure, and then having people make fun of you, because you're an Art and Design idiot, who clearly slacks off all day like the rest of Visual Arts and Humanities do!

    Can you spell 'FML' anyone?

    I sincerely apologise.
    I haven't slept in 3 nights.
    Tomorrow, it's going to get even busier.

    I guess the gist of it was, Yes, there are people out there, no, you're not in a difficult situation.
    It's just a bad mindset, which is probably the same thing responsible for your writer's block or whatever you'd rather call it.

    Now delete my dribble of a comment because it's a rant, and I imagine upsetting, once again, I'm sorry.

    I felt the need to put things in perspective for you.

    I actually hope this motivates you, to push yourself harder and achieve your dreams and goals.
    (or at least your whims and fancies)

  2. Hang in there.
    One of the points of uni is learning what not to take to heart, while doing what is required.
    You're a stunning writer.


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