Saturday, 6 June 2009

Everyone is Writing But Me...

I thought that when I started University I would have more time and possibly more reason to write. After all, I'm doing a degree in writing. I'm devoting my life to writing; I should be able to string a few words together into a few sentences that I am happy with. So I guess it won't surprise anybody if I say that I am stuck again.

I think what really makes it worse is that I have been surrounded, constantly, by these people who love to write, who aren't plagued by their own mindblocks. I know someone who is committing herself to write 5000 words a day for a month. If that's not confidence in her ability to write, I don't know what is. Last time I sat down to write, I got 141 words done before I faltered. That was much earlier this week.

I know people who can sit through a crowded lecture and just write. Even though the teacher is blabbing on about Baudrillard, even though the room is full of people whispering, even though she's getting about a text message a minute, she's still filling page after page in her notebook with fantastic stuff.

So maybe that's my problem right there. I'm not focussed, and I'm certainly not zen about the whole thing.

Hopefully things will turn around over my massive mid year holiday from school. If not, I suppose I could always work at K Mart.

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  1. don't sweat it too hard. many of the people you are pitted up against have taken a gap-year and really honed themselves into their chosen field, in their own time. many more, have come from backgrounds where they could afford some serious tuition from some expensive people...
    but most importantly, the majority are full of shit.
    5000 words a day? I bet it's junk. If it wasn't, she/he wouldn't be in perth, in first year uni would they? they'd be good enough either to work or to attend somwehere (no offense whatsoever) much 'better'... more prestigious etc, than perth. that's not meant to be harsh on you, but these over achievers really puzzle me... why would they be any better than you? you're all in the same place, with the same enter (TER) scores... i wouldn't call you lazy, so i'll just say it simply, first year, straight out of school, is HARD. You're not alone, but that's not a bad thing. Just hang in there, and don't forget to QUESTION EVERYTHING. It'll help you stay 'edgy', as Daria put it.


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