Sunday, 21 June 2009

These are the Rules.

I hate the rules. I hate hate hate them. I hate that I can't read over my finished manuscript (That's right, I can call it finished for now) until at least a month has passed. I hate that I have to edit it at all. I hate that I can't feel proud anymore because the honeymoon period is over already. I hate hate hate that the only person who really hasn't tired of me asking for their help lives in Gidgegannup where I can't have face to face contact. I hate that I can't draw well enough to play around with how my characters might look. I hate that all my facts are probably wrong. I hate that I can't find a nice leather file nice enough to display all my writing stuff in. I hate that when I found a file I thought would be good enough, it only held 10 pages. I hate that this could be as far as I get. I hate that I am thinking like this.


  1. Love that you CAN write a manuscript. Love that you can write well at all. Love that you have the freedom and time to write, you have no boundaries.

    You have no real rules, only your self imposed ones. If you want to read ur manuscript, read it, edit it, then save both the edited and original. Getting your facts right is easy, do your research slowly and carefully, with intent. The amount you do will reflect on your interest and passion.

    Well done at finishing though, and goodluck.

  2. Yeah, what she said.
    The fact that you recognise your faults tells (me at least) that you have the ability to fix, update and change them.
    It tells me you've got what it takes to be what you want to be.
    A lot of people don't get this far.
    Now, it's up to you to search within to see how quickly, how ruthlessly competently you can push yourself further.


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