Thursday, 16 July 2009

First Sketches of Winston

Final (Hair shortened, lightened, eyes lightened, cap added.):
Second (Hat added, hair lightened, eyes made bigger.):

Original: Once again, these sketches have been done by my friend Helen, who was nice enough to put up with me saying "no change this, add that, change that again" many many times. Her patience is amazing. The URL for her arts homepage is in the previous blog assuming that I haven't blogged since I last posted sketches by Helen.
Status update: Word count stands at approximately 53 200 words and 103 pages.


  1. I like but I imagined him as having softer features.
    I think it's a personal thing though.

  2. Yeah I totally agree with Elisa, but I am not artistically inclined and I have no idea how to soften them. If I can get changes put into words, Helen can fix it. If not, well he's still pretty darn good.

  3. If I could comprehend the English language, I could undoubtably fix it also. Bwah....maybe when I have some more time ^_^;;


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