Sunday, 30 August 2009

Study Break

I just made a list of all the work that I have to do this week. There's been a bit of procrastination going on lately it seems. It's ok though because like I've said before, I work very well under pressure.

One of these assignments involves me getting ahead of the rest of my writing class by one exercise, as I have to do my oral presentation of a piece the week after next even though it needs to be on the piece I will be submitting for the next assignment, and we haven't begun work on that as a class yet. Oh well. I'm a self starter. I've had a bit of a read of the workshop exercise and it involves me writing about a memory that I have. Well. I don't have the most useful of memories, it seems, because I don't think I can recall a single thing worth writing about. I have, however, been writing bits of prose in my head before I drift off to sleep and jotting these down in a little notebook for later. I want to use them. Knowing me, I will. I guess I will have to think of some memory to use with them. Well. I think that I sort of have one of those, I suppose, but be warned, there will be more fiction than fact.

Then again, other than cyberspace, who's to know?

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  1. It's called poetic license ;)
    I do it aaallll the time. Don't worry, I won't tell :D


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