Tuesday, 20 October 2009

It's Still October, Right?

Hi everyone.

Well. What a change in weather we've had lately. It went from a late winter to an early summer in the space of about a week. Where was spring in all that? It just didn't come. At first I thought this was a bit of a windfall. I experience hay fever from time to time and the constant barrage of sneezes/ face explosions can get really annoying. In fact the ony thing that irritates my sinuses more than Spring is cats. (incidentally, I had a pillow fight at a friend's place last week and it just so happened his cats had been on the pillows. Oh the Joy! And the Hives!) But I think I will try not to let it get me down. I'll just dose up on Claritin or something.

(By the way. This could be very boring. It's a general update. I feel a bit guilty for not blogging for ages.)

Ok. So I've been reading a lot. mostly for uni. At the moment, I'm reading the novelization of The Graduate. It came before the movie though, so is that technically a novelization??? Probably not. Anyway, its much better to watch Dustin Hoffman I think. He's a talented talented man.

I suppose you want to read about my writing?

I'm working on my final creative writing assigment for class. Its about a runaway girl from the suburbs who takes off with some guy coz she thinks anything is better than home, but along the way she acutally realises what a good friend he is. But then he dies so the realisation is neither here nor there. But I might have to change it anyway because the conditions of the task ask me to have a crisis as the cause of the realisation.

I guess I can do that.

And then, I think it's about a month til I start draft four of the Compound. Anyone else as excited as I am? I've never managed to take this much of a gap from my work before. I bet when I read it, I hate it so much I cry.

Oh I am so looking forward to that.

Nighty Night.


  1. I loooove The Graduate. Dustin Hoffman is a god! But yeah novelization? I don't know... Maybe it was written from the screenplay?

    I am very excited for the fourth draft! I'm sure I'll be hearing all about it, right?

    I've been thinking a lot about trying to get a bunch of my stories together and seeing if I can get them published. I just watched this movie about a writer and her struggle through life and it really made me think about what I want to do with my life.

    Anyway why am I writing this all here when I can talk to you on msn? (Comments are nice though, aren't they? ;) Haha.)

  2. This... heat.

    Raw and fat, I feel it working it's way in through my ears, and settling in for the long haul somewhere behind my 'happy thoughts'

    with a kind of hazy static; like television tuned to a dead channel, if you could express that sound and tone as an emotion

    stifling is the word, but it sounds entirely too dry - it doesn't quite conjure the true sense of a poaching frontal lobe as you run for the bus

    littering behind you everything that made you want to get out of bed that morning

    in a trail

    of sticky



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