Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Step One: The Read Through

It had been fourteen or so long weeks since I had read The Compound. Oh sure, occassionally I had thought about reading it and a couple of times I even picked it up and flicked through the pages. But I didn't commit.

So anyway, in those fourteen weeks, I kept busy. I did a really great unit run by Christine Owen at the University and I worked on getting to be a better writer. The Compound, while at the back of my mind, was not a factor in these fourteen weeks.

I think it has taken me about a week to get through The Compound. It has been a strange time. I look back at my recent-past self and I wonder what possessed her to use so many adverbs and dump so much information. I wonder why she has been telling and not showing. It is because I picked up on these things that I know I have grown.

Of course, I was really itching to get back into it. So what started out as a read through actually became hybridized with the next step, which is structural editing, and there was probably a bit of copy editing in there as well. (Note to self, find a firm definition of what copy editing actually is-- important for future editor such as yourself.)

Anyway today I finished my read through and I know that while I can do better, what I have been doing since April 25 2008 is a worthwhile use of my time. I know that I can get to where I want to go. I also know I am not Kate Morton (who I aspire to be these days).

I am staying positive and nose to the grindstone for this edit. I will update again once I reach the ready for copy editing stage, whatever that may be.

Signing off.


  1. This blog made me smile :)
    I know how great it is to read through something you've written and fine ways to improve it. Lot's of people don't understand this because it means what I did in the first place wasn't perfect. But why should it be?
    I love feeling as if I'm growing and improving as a writer.
    I'm so glad to hear you're working on The Compound again. It's going to be fantastic.

  2. thank you Elisa. It gives me a warm feeling all over to hear (or read) people giving me their support. I am blessed by wonderful friends :)


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