Monday, 3 May 2010


As I said to a friend of mine last night, I should come with a disclaimer.  So here it is for the world to see:  CAUTION.  This girl will write about you.

I always try to be as honest as I can be when I write short stories but it needs to be taken into consideration, the old adage, “Show me an objective piece of writing and I will show you a blank piece of paper”  (Proper referencing unknown.)  There are many things that inspire me.  John Mayer’s music is sublimely calming at the moment, I find my Australian Literature unit a source of no end of amusement, and I really enjoy reading the old classics.  But what inspires me most are the people in my life.  I may never publish it, but I will write about you.  And you should learn to deal with that.

I mean it as a complement a lot of the time.  Other times it’s a form of self reflection.  Mostly it’s just the way I process the things that are happening to me.


  1. It was me!
    I don't mind that you have/will write about me.

  2. Can you please make me more badass?

  3. Haha yes Elisa, it was you.

    And Chris, I'll make you more badass when you start acting more badass, but sure, I'll document it.

    Thanks for the support guys, much appreciated. :)

  4. "please see the relevant product disclosure statement to see if Emily is right for you"


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