Monday, 28 June 2010

One Weekend In June

What a rude awakening I have had; the world seems determined to convince me that I am not as hermit-like as I would like to have thought. I've barely been home all weekend. I've not eaten a proper sit-down meal with my family since Thursday. I'm struggling to remember their faces...

I'll just give a brief overview of my weekend. It might excuse any... ahem... slackness in the writing department.

Friday night I put my theatre going regalia on and I went to His Majesty's Theatre with two of my favourite people in the whole world: My Grandma and Grandpa, who I know are reading this, so Hello! We saw the Bell Shakespeare production of King Lear. I enjoyed it immensely, but the staging elements were somewhat helter skelter. I still have yet to discern the necessity of a waist-high split in any costume. My kudos must go to Tim Walter who played Edmund. He was funny and entertaining, and captured beautifully this modern character; wearer of stove pipe jeans and spiker of hair. Maybe it's because I spent last week listening to The Cure but he also somehow reminded me of Robert Smith. And Rik Mayall in the Young Ones, a little.

Saturday day was spent working with some of the funniest girls I know. Then, that night, I was picked up by my best gal pal and her boyfriend and we headed out to Fremantle to bid farewell to my other gal pal Hannah. Hannah-banana is heading to Norway for a year, to be a Fisken Fjorder, or so her blog says. We started at Flipside Burger Bar, because Mrs. Brown's next door was so full that people were literally standing in the doorway, and then moved to the Norfolk Hotel to sit under their glorious heaters, before gorging ourselves on hot chocolate at San Churros. Man, I love Fremantle and all it has to offer.

Sunday, two gal pals and I hopped on a train and made our way to the Burlesque Lounge, for the monthly Vintage Fair. Many bargains were there for the taking. In the first two minutes I found darling shoes for ten dollars. I also picked up a dress and a bag. Afterwards, we walked to Murray St. for a cafe lunch, and were met by a third gal pal and her baby niece. The service in the cafe was abysmally slow but they do get a point for having a cute waiter. (Sorry, I'm a girl, it had to be said.)

Sunday night was reserved for a gig, but at the last minute, my friend K, who I was getting a lift with, said she was getting sick. I asked around all the girls I knew, begging them to come be groupies with me but to no avail. Luckily, I have some very very lovely guy pals who dropped their busy nights in of Milo drinking and Guitar hero/ Warcraft playing to sit in comfy chairs and make stupid hand gestures with me! Huzzah. I'm glad I went to the gig, even if we did only see two of the bands. The Farthing Woods were great, but the band we were there to see, Dyonisis were much more fun to listen to. They genuinely seemed to enjoy themselves on stage and their songs were intelligent and complex. Two thumbs up.

So now, you may not hear from me for a little while, because I'm a bit of a moron and I've decided to race someone to finish Ulysses... and seeing as I've read one chapter, and it's the LONGEST BOOK EVER (probably), I should actually get back to it.

Days til JulNoWriMo... 3


  1. I'm glad the hand gestures made it into your "highlights for the weekend", as they were indeed quite significant.

    P.S, Ulysses dies in the end.

  2. Going out is good for you! And good for your writing as well.


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