Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Competitions update

Today is a lovely sunny day, and I am in a good mood. I just took a drive down to my local Australia Post to buy stamps and an envelope so that I could send in my entry for this year's Katharine Susannah Prichard Short Fiction competition. I'm so glad I'm not over 20 yet because I can still enter for free. Hooray. Cheap thrills. (Although the envelope and stamps cost me about $8.70....) It would be really nice to place this year... last year I didn't (and rightly so, I wrote something in about two hours and just sent it off... and it included an intertextual link which was really important but to a book I haven't even read) and the year before I came second.

I didn't end up entering the Wet Ink competition but I did enter the John Marsden Short Story Prize, so I'm still waiting to hear on that... in the meantime I think I will go and sit on the lollabout chairs in the backyard and read some Cormac McCarthy for class...


  1. I'm sending my entry off tomorrow :D

  2. Good luck to you on that! Competitions like these are quite an experience! ^.^

    -Barb the French Bean

  3. You live in Australia. LUCKY doggie. One day I will visit there. It is my ultimate vacation spot.

  4. @Annah- Australia is awesome, I agree, but I don't live in the Eastern States... I'm from the West... our weather is nicer but our shopping is not. Which is fine by me because I am not a big shopper anyway. The only problem I have is that the big publishers prefer the Eastern States to the West. But you guys have that in the USA too, right? The coast rivalry?

    @Barb the French Bean- Thank you very much. They are indeed. Winning them lifts me right up, and losing makes me want to quit. But I don't end up quitting, so I guess that's important.

  5. I've only begun joining writing competitions myself. I really should have done that when I was much younger. Oh well.



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