Sunday, 31 October 2010


This has possibly been the most boring Halloween since I bothered to start recognising it as a fun day to celebrate... Usually my friend Austen (he likes zombies) throws a Halloween party (and when I say usually, I mean he did it last year) but this year I think he's a bit stressed out, which is a shame. But if you look at some of his artwork, it's pretty amazing, the outcome of that stress.

So today wasn't really Halloween for me, it was like the countdown to Nanowrimo... a scary prospect in itself. I'm staying up to midnight to launch this thing.

So heres my blurb anyway, for anyone who's interested:

" Love This City

When Dean Godfrey's life takes a turn for the unsatisfying, he turns to alcohol. And when his favourite bar closes for construction, he's forced to find a new place to drink. He finds himself at The Shakespeare, a super exclusive underground club disguised as a public laundry. Inside are some of the weirdest, meanest, sexiest people he will ever meet.

And if satisfaction is what Dean's looking for, he's got a good shot at finding it there."

Hopefully your Halloweens were better than mine!


  1. Sounds like something I'd pick up and read.

    My Halloween was fab. I wish I'd known you didn't have anything to do, I'd have asked you along.

  2. Aw man... if only we had a TARDIS!


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