Sunday, 23 January 2011

Elimy in Singapore

Well well well, look who it is. Fancy seeing you here.

What am I up to? Oh, you know, not much. I've been snoozing since we got in from our long flight. The bed's deceptively comfortable. I'm in one of those moods where if I lay down long enough my eyes might just happen to drift closed and the next think I know, it's hours later. Oops.

What else? Well currently, I'm sitting in a tenth storey bay window, watching traffic. There's a storm brewing. I'm trying not to think about how hungry/tired/sore I am.

Mum's just asked me when the latest time I have to post my parcel is. That's not a stupid metaphor. I actually have to fork out some cash and send a story all the way back to Australia in time for the 31st. It's going to be expensive, but worth it. I'm making a public promise to myself here and now. This year I will be the best that I can be and I will send my work anywhere that will take it. I plan to have at least two competition placings or magazine publications under my belt come December 31st. Metior does not count.

Also, I've been reading The Woman in White. It's fantastic. Wilkie Collins is very witty and his characterisation is amazing. I'm tearing through it.

But I am still being a very neglectful writer and this feels bad. I miss my laptop. I need to train myself to handwrite again. That is, after all, what my journals are for.

Hoping you are well. I will talk to you again soon, I hope.



  1. Singapore baby!
    Shame you're so jet lagged tired :(

    Ahh I can't go back to writing by hand. Its just too difficult. I end up writing in note/dot point form and THEN writing full paragraphs on laptop.

    ...if technology were to die out suddenly due to lack of power....I'd seriously die. lol.
    well my writing/digital painting would.

    thats great to hear your going for another writing comp :D show me a copy and link me when you get back ok!

    I'm sure your laptop misses you too ;)

    as for your signing off, I thought you hated being called "Em" ?

    See you soon bub xxx

  2. What are you sending?? I admire your commitment. I wish I wasn't so damn lazy!


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