Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year's Resolution #1

You may find this hard to believe (or maybe you won't), but I have 70+ unread books in my room. I can't stop buying them. It's a bit of a problem.

Which brings me to resolution number one. I am implementing a ten to one rule... for every ten books I read, I may buy one more. Something tells me this is going to be a hard rule to enforce... I should get reading.

Haha how's this for irony... I was just listening to some lyrics that went "Life's temporary like New Year's resolutions." You said it Blink 182.


  1. lol considering everyone thinks to give you books for birthdays and christmas, that does not surprise me. :P Goodluck with that new years resolution...I see it being a challenge. :P

    I didn't make any new years resolutions. It didn't occur to me until after new years and I really don't think I'd follow through on any of the cliched ones such as exercising more, working harder at uni yada yada yada...

  2. DUDE this is an awesome idea. I might do something similar.


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