Monday, 28 February 2011

Character Sketch

Just a teaser of something I am working on...

Grace is standing by the fountain at Placa Catalunya. She is holding a book, as usual, but she isn't reading. She's waiting, holding her sunglasses in one hand, partly leaned against her lip. She needs to reapply her lipstick. Usually that's the only makeup she wears-- she has a baby face and can't carry off eye make up. Also, her jawline is too strong. Dutch, they call it. And her eyebrows are so dark, they're almost beautiful. Almost, though. Not actually beautiful. The kind of girl you could mistake for beautiful if you were too far away. She's one of those annoying independent girls. She wears clothes from vintage stores rather than op shops, as if it makes any difference, as if it somehow makes her a better person; smarter, cooler. It doesn't. It makes her pretentious. It makes her act superior. It makes people dislike her, as people tend to when someone is obviously a snob.

She's the type who says her favourite band is The Beatles, even though she was born in the nineties and only bothered to buy the greatest hits (and not even on vinyl) and she likes to pretend she's read all of Dickens. And maybe she has. But none of these things make the slightest difference. None of these things mean anything to anyone other than Grace, try as she might to persuade them.

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