Wednesday, 30 March 2011

To Pushing Forwards...

It was more than three years ago now that I set down my first words on this blog.

"I have been told that the beginning of a piece of writing is the most important...that some editors and critics will stop reading your work simply based on how boring they find your work. But beginnings are hard... sometimes i even like to write beginnings at the end of a story.

Here i have no chance. Here i begin my journey to publication. I intend to be published before i turn twenty. The definition of published here extends to magazines and journals but not to the school magazine, although that would be fine too. I have three more birthdays until that day. If you have opened this blog because you are genuinely interested by my progress, I thank you. If this is a pure fluke, please feel free to check up on me. Any kind words of encouragement would be much appreciated."

I can see myself back then in my minds' eye... a little less self assured, a little less book-snobbish, a little less grammatically correct.

Yesterday was my twentieth birthday, which was the deadline that I set myself for becoming a published writer. The parameters that I set myself were clear. There is no way I can use clever rhetoric to get around it. So did I achieve my goal?

I think I will leave that up to you. I have logged all my publications under the tab of that same name.

In my head, when I wrote that, I remember that I wanted to say purely that I would have a novel in print by my twentieth birthday. While I have worked very hard at that goal in particular, I am now a lot more informed on the process that is involved and the trials and tribulations of the young writer. I've had countless rejections for my short work alone. I've also had some success, but not as much as I would have liked. I don't want to be famous. I just want some kid or some adult to pick up my work and feel something. I just want to tell stories, in the words of a very wise young man who was kind enough to have coffee with me this January.

I need a new goal. I want to be bold here and say a novel in print by 25. But I also don't want to set myself a goal that I cannot achieve. Suggestions?


  1. I think 20 as a deadline to be 'published' was a lot of pressure to put on yourself. and to be realistic, its a very young age to have a book published and far as I know doesn't happen too often(cough, excluding christopher paolini who is just, you know, a freakin 19 yr old protegee of fantasy art and literature when he had Eragon his parents :P ) I think 25 is an ok set age to be printed, but is it going to be a 'good' pressure on you to do so? I say, leave it to your work and how much you put out there hun. I know you'll be picked up by a publisher in the way a diamond is found in the roughs (and by roughs, I mean perth. haha)don't cut yourself short on the age bracket :)

  2. It's funny how much stuff changes in just three years...

    But as to the question - a novel is a lofty goal...could you do it in five years? It's entirely possible, but at the same time, it depends so much on luck of the draw. I see so many terrible novels published and I don't understand why good work gets rejected.

    I suppose my suggestion is this; aim for twenty-five; write your novel, improve, grow; but be sure you have enough of yourself left if it doesn't work out quite the way you intended. (I'll be cheering you on =D)


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