Monday, 26 September 2011

10 Life Lessons from Jane Austen

1. Never trust a man who is too charming.

2. If you wish to explain yourself, write a letter.

3. Never trust the one you love around actors.

4. Sometimes, the child must parent the parent.

5. Age is just a number.

6. Jealousy is never becoming and often unfounded. (It's also a useless emotion)

7. If you go looking for scandal, you're likely to create one.

8. Happiness is never far from home.

9. Not all women turn into their mothers.

10. Affection is born of compassion.

And a bonus one for luck:

11. Shallow relationships will come to shallow people.

Thanks to Elisa for helping me make this list.


  1. ThatOldCurmudgeon10/06/2011 8:09 pm

    Oh, dear sanity...

    I respect Jane Austen, but there are some issues with this:

    1. Sometimes, charming men are just charming. Probably their only skill, but it doesn't make them bad, selfish, greedy, etc.

    2. Letters? That would be the coward's way to do things. If you want to explain something, get the other person to shut up and do it in person.

    3. ... This is probably true.

    4. Children parenting parents? Bad parenting. On the parent's part.

    5. Age is a numeric value directly associated with how long an individual has existed to gather knowledge, experience and cynicism.

    6. Jealousy? Isn't that the hallmark of the truest paramour? Ignoring the trust issues apparently inherent in this species homo sapiens sapiens, jealousy is the surest determination of genuine attachment/interest/just plain old care. Other emotions are dangerous. Jealousy occurs even in the most emotionally stunted, and can be the catalyst for - sanity forbid - emotional development.

    7. ...well, probably true. On the same coin, though, many people due stimulate scandal for entertainment.

    8. Happiness does not have a specific location. However, the point at which one finds contentment may be assuemd to be far enough from home to establish individuality of being.

    9. Whether their mothers are positive influences or not, the corresponding actions of daughters will not statistically fall into the range generally agreed to be 'close enough'. You're safe on this front.

    10. Affection is born of many, many things. Genetic similarity, pity, guilt, deception, compassion or even just longevity. Live with someone long enough and you'll come to feel something for them. Call it a survival instinct.

    11. What's a shallow relationship?

    Anyway. The sentiment is... actually, a lot of it is pretty disturbing, borne as it was of different times. But the sentiment behind the sentiment is nice, if you comprehend my meaning. None of these laws inherently destroy the concepts you hold dear. Neither do any of my edited versions, but I guess that's for you to decide.

  2. Actually very much agree with you about letters in a modern context. But in terms of the historical side, there are certain things one can't say to a lady... and nothing is more thrilling than opening the envelope in the sanctity of ones dressing room and reading clandestine thoughts.


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