Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Live an Inspired Life #1

For Sharron.

Yesterday, a friend of mine from Uni began speaking to me about what it feels like to run out of motivation. I don't believe she expressly asked for my advice, but I gave her some anyway. (I hope that wasn't too forward of me.)

What I told her was this: The best way I have found to motivate myself is to remind myself why I am doing this. Why am I at uni? Why do I write stories? Why do I enter competitions which I never win? Why bother?

Some days, the answers that you come up with sound a bit hollow. And some days, The Big Bang Theory is on TV and it is so much more interesting than America between the wars.

When the answers can't come from you internally, it can help if they come from you externally. This is why I have an Inspiration Wall above my workstation. It's the little visual clues and support that I give my future self on the days I feel inspired.

I've collected quotes, nice wrapping paper, post cards of places I've been and want to visit, and I have even drawn the cover for my own novel, albeit badly.

What kinds of things would be on your wall?

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  1. I love the inspiration wall! Sometimes you do need that visual reminder that your life is definitely going to be awesome at the end of all this :)
    P.S - IT Crowd owns silly Big Bang Theory pppfffffff


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