Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Last night, at approximately 10.15, the word count on the novel known as The River limped over the 50 000 word mark.

To celebrate, I was given a shiny Winner's logo.  Check it out, it's under my profile there!

Here are a few things I learnt while writing a novel in a month:

1) You cannot resist the will of your characters.  Even if their will extends to semi-incest and kidnapping.

2) You cannot censor yourself just because your grandparents may be reading.

3) You must force yourself to write on the weekends.  You must force yourself to write at your Boyfriend's.  You must force yourself to write when drunk (a little...)  You must force yourself to write after lunch.  You must force yourself to write overseas.

4) You may have to swap writing time with reading time if you have a job in retail, as November is close to Christmas.  This also applies to exams.

5) Never put off until tomorrow what is coming to you in today's writing rant.

I am rewarding myself today with a Castle Season 2 Marathon, and I just ate my way through an entire box of Pocky.  Regular blogging will resume from tomorrow.  I'd love to do a Question and Answer blog...  Maybe you guys could ask me some questions in the comments section.

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