Friday, 9 December 2011

Baby's First Woody Allen Movie... Midnight In Paris

If you don't go and see this... I will cry.

I don't normally like Owen Wilson in anything.  Not in Wedding Crashers, not in.. whatever else he was in... with his "Look at me, I'm so awkward, I have a really badly broken nose" mainstream playful man boy thing going on.  The idea of Owen Wilson in an indie film about writing made me skeptical. 

But if you do not see this movie, I will cry.  There will be tears on my pretty little face and it would break your heart to see.  If you are a writer, or a painter or a singer or a... shoe maker.... see this movie.  See it now.

This is the kind of movie where the dialogue is intelligent enough for you to feel cultured when you understand the jokes but not so aloof that you feel excluded occassionally and just have to pretend.  It's the kind of movie that immediately has your mind made up about characters like Inez and Paul, but lets you watch Gil grow, and lets you grow to love him, so that when he finds... no, you know what, I'll let you watch the film and see what adorkable (yeah I said adorkable) things he does.

It's a story I can relate to.  I too have yearned for other eras.  I yearn for inspiration that is transcendant.  I yearn to meet my idols.  I yearn for romance and beauty and artisticness. 

Rachel McAdams, as per usual, is beautiful and her acting is subtle but good.  There are cameos by the stunning Carla Bruni among others, and the ethereal Marion Cotillard plays Adriana, 'the muse'.  It is a love story of sorts, but more of a story that teaches you to love yourself, and love your dreams.

And now, after watching it, I have to go and write.  A good writing movie will do that to me.  How about you?

What movies inspire you to write?


  1. Adorkable. I'm gonna remember that one ;)

    I have yet to see this. Like you, Owen Wilson generally puts me off...

    but I trust your judgement. I shall see this some time soon.

    And contrary to what you may believe, Pixar movies are not what get my brain ticking about drawing ;P

    Well, not as much as you'd think.

    Generally...movies with a emotion-driven soundtrack inspire me to start drawing. Just getting mixed in the mood and honing in the energy it fills you with and letting it out through the curving of a pencil I guess.

  2. I was curious about this movie but was reluctant to watch it as I didn't think it would be serious with Owen Wilson as the lead.

    Great review though as now I might just give it a chance lol!

  3. Yes, Owen Wilson is like that friend of your boyfriends that he thinks you will really like - but you don't.
    I have a flyer for the movie because, you know, Paris, writing...
    You've just given me the push I needed to get my bum on a theatre seat!

  4. Hi Kymberley, Hazel and Lauren, I'm glad that you've decided to go and see the movie! I hope you like it.

    Merry Christmas!


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